Thru Managed File Transfer

The Thru Managed File Transfer Platform is a comprehensive solution for file transfer across businesses and enterprises. As an extremely flexible solution, the Platform is well known for satisfying a multitude of use cases and workflows.

The topics below are the most common use cases and almost all organisations face several of these problems. Listed below each topic is how Thru Managed File Transfer provides a solution to fit each of these use cases.

How Thru provides solutions for Organisational Use Cases

  • Secure File Transfer:

    Security – Secures data in transit and at rest
    Convenience – Effortless experience for both the sender and the recipient
    Data Control – Manages how sensitive data is transferred, while providing controls needed for HIPPA, GLBA, PCI & SOX regulations.
    Flexible Platform – Adapts to fit your business processes with enterprise connectors, extensive API and multiple protocols and deployment options.

  • FTP Alternative:

    File Portals – Easily set up and allow secure ongoing sharing for file exchange with partners.
    On-Demand Transfers – Files can be securely sent to anyone without accounts removing burden from IT.
    File Security – Comprehensive approach to security includes network protection, data center security, application security, business continuity, disaster recovery and external audits.
    Simple Administration – Granular admin with full audit trails, notifications, alerts and scalable storage.

  • Secure Mobile Sharing:

    Access files anytime, anywhere – Securely access files from any location or device, ensuring business continuity.
    The Secure Dropbox™ – Transfer files of any size securely with checkpoint restart and full virus scanning.
    Mobile Security – Enables BYOD for business productivity, while securing data, complete with audit trails and full reporting capabilities.
    Collaboration – Provides a multitude of different workflows enabling project collaboration across different teams in various worldwide locations.

  • Programmatic File Transfer and Integration:

    Programmatic File Transfers – From Cloud to on-premises, on-premises to Cloud and Cloud to Cloud based on time or event rules with reporting and notifications.
    Thru API – Enables files or folders, of any size, to be transferred across different applications and systems.
    Integration Tools – Facilitating large portions of functionality with minimum coding against the protocol.

  • Electronic Software Delivery and Support:

    Global Electronic Software Delivery – Files of any size are mirrored to selected data centers for rapid downloads anywhere around the world.
    Customer Support for ISVs – Supplements CRMs and Case Management Systems to secure and improve speeds of file transfer.
    Revenue Recognition – Comprehensive reporting and tracking provide the ability to perform audits of all transactions.

Thru Managed File Transfer Architecture



  • Architecture – SOA architecture with a global content delivery network and multiple endpoint connections to the system. Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment options.
  • File and Folder Transfers – Thru easily and securely transfers files or folders of any size or type to any location in the world.
  • Mobile – Secure access to corporate data from any Web enabled device. Secure Dropbox enables users to receive files from any external members.
  • Collaboration – Thru secures ongoing sharing for collaboration on projects and publishing.
  • Security – FIPS 140-2 Cryptography, full anti-virus scanning of every file.
  • Auditing – Fully auditable with tracking of every action on a file or folder in the system.
  • Administration – Robust and simple, including rapid onboarding, retention policies for file deletion and options for customisation.

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