Sparkweave Suite of Applications

The Sparkweave Private Cloud Platform is a virtualized data management software that is secure, massively scalable, reduces complexity and lowers storage costs. The pre-integrated secure applications allow end-users to access data from the private cloud and share securely. Current applications include Secure Email, Large File Transfer, and Folder Syncing. The Sparkweave API allows developers to connect their current 3rd party or custom applications to the Sparkweave Private Cloud to leverage our efficient de-duplication, encryption, and applications.

Sparkweave can be deployed in any virtualized server environment and is storage agnostic. Sparkweave can add efficiency to your current SAN or create a highly available, resilient storage system on a JBOD. A single Sparkweave node can be deployed in minutes for smaller installs. For larger installs, we could deploy to tens of thousands of users in less than a day.

Secure Email


Key Features

  • Secure, link driven messaging, body and attachments never leave the private cloud
  • Seamless MS Outlook Add-in
  • Simple Guest Invitation and Onboarding
  • Step by step optional message tracking and notifications

Large File Transfer


Key Features

  • Secure, large file transfer
  • Seamless MS Outlook Add-in
  • Simple Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Group File Share
  • All of the control of FTP with none of the complexibility

Secure File Sharing


Key Features

  • Integrated desk top folder and file sharing and syncing
  • Web browser Access to File and Folders
  • File and Folder Access from Mobiles

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