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Sparkweave is a rapidly growing software company born out of an early recognised need to meet the security challenges of modern businesses with an ultra-secure, enterprise-level, on-premise or hosted file sync and share system that can take on and support highly collaborative operating environments.

In early 2012, Sparkweave was the first ever to offer a choice of where files are virtually stored and is agnostic when it comes to hypervisors and storage platforms. Its patent-pending streaming platform encapsulates a number of common business processes, each of which can stand alone or work as a suite of integrated applications, and provides client-side and remote-device access to secure email, large-file transport, secure collaboration and secure file-sharing services. The software is also designed to simplify customers’ infrastructures and system overhead, control internal use of devices, and still provide anywhere-data access and information exchange, collaboration, large-file transport and storage in a secure, scalable, compliant manner.


http://www.pro2col.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/file_weave_sml.png Sparkweave Suite of Applications
The Sparkweave Cloud Platform is a virtualized data management software that is secure, massively scalable, reduces complexity and lowers storage costs. Pre-integrated secure applications allow end-users to access data from the private cloud and share securely. Current applications include Secure Email, Large File Transfer, and Folder Syncing.
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