FTP/Auditor detects security risks caused by servers you didn’t know were running FTP by scanning your corporate network and identifying every server that has FTP active.
As this is a recurring problem, FTP/Auditor can be set up to run at regular intervals and email the scan results to you. New servers running FTP will be brought to your attention with no effort on your part.
This allows you to evaluate them in seconds and decide whether to disable or secure FTP appropriately, depending upon the needs of the business.

FTP/Auditor enables you to:

  • Locate and identify all servers running FTP in your network
  • Determine how FTP on these servers is secured
  • Ensure FTP usage that serves the business is properly secured
  • Ensure FTP usage that does not serves the business is disabled
  • Protect your company from costly and embarrassing breaches of sensitive corporate or customer data
  • Highlights if the server is allowing Anonymous FTP

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