Ipswitch MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer:

IT Approved Method for Employees to Send Sensitive Files

To get their work done employees are circumventing IT by turning to new, web-based consumer services to send and receive files, creating control, visibility and security challenges for the business. MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer offers employees and businesses a better alternative:

For Employees, MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer enables easy transfer of files of any size using a familiar interface: either Microsoft Outlook or a web browser.

For IT, MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer provides the comfort of knowing sensitive business files are being sent and received through a secure, enterprise-class Managed File Transfer system. Plus, the system relieves your email and storage systems from the burden of transferring and storing large files.

Video brief overview or MOVEit Ad Hoc File Transfer:


Available as a Stand Alone Solution


as a MOVEit File Transfer Module


  • Allows Employees to Send Large and Sensitive Files Securely – MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer encrypts email attachments both in transit and at rest to meet control, visibility and security requirements. And with no email size restrictions, employees can collaborate freely and more productively with business partners and each others.
  • Uses Microsoft Outlook or a Web Browser for Easy User Adoption – No wasted time implementing and training on a new, complicated system.
  • Reduces Email Throughput and Storage Requirements – MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer offloads attachments and sends them outside of the email system, this eliminates email failures and overflowing mailboxes.
  • Provides the Visibility, Control, and Security of an Enterprise-Class Managed File Transfer System – MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer handles, monitors and audits on both person-to-person and enterprise managed file transfer, creating effortlessly the visibility and control over you file transfers that IT and your business needs.

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