StingRay File Transfer Server

StingRay is a secure file transfer server built specifically with the needs of Printers, Publishers and Creative Professionals in mind.

StingRay is designed to:

  • SIMPLIFY file transfer for both you and your customers.
  • CENTRALISE all of your file transfer into one solution.
  • AUTOMATE and integrate file transfer with your existing systems.

Capable of handling large or high volume file transfers between you and your customers, StingRay’s time saving and reliability enhancing features reduce the burden on internal resources, freeing up your staff to focus on being productive.

StingRay is provided as an out of the box hardware appliance server with many file transfer options. With desktop clients for Mac and PC StingRay fits well in mixed OS environments and with its unlimited user licence model provides real value.

StingRay integrates with various pre-media solutions including prepress workflows, digital asset management systems, picture desk solutions, file server and print MIS technologies.

An introduction to StingRay…



StingRay comes as a rack-mountable server, complete with 3 years manufacturers warranty.

  • Available  as a 1U or a Dual Power Supply Server
  • Available with 250GB or 500GB HDD’s


  • FILE TRANSFER – Offers a range of incoming and outgoing file sending options for you and  your customers.
  • INTEGRATION – Easily integrates with existing business technologies.
  • AUTOMATION – Job tickets and workflow forwarding increase automation and therefore productivity.
  • TRACKING & REPORTING – Transparent Job queues and Transfer logs enable easy tracking and reporting.
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS – Keeps everyone in the loop.
  • SECURITY – Designed and built to ensure data and internal networks remain secure.
  • CLIENT APPLICATION – Simplifies and streamlines file transfer processes across multi-platforms and a large workforce.
  • BRANDING & CUSTOMISATION – Ability to customise your StingRay to promote your brand and integrate with your website.


At SP Group we’ve been using StingRay for a number of years to send and receive files both internally and externally.  We have four installed throughout our organisation and they cater for around 99% of our data transfer requirements.  SP Group has worked closely with Pro2col for a number of years and we’re pleased to see the progress that StingRay is making and are excited for the future of the product.
Nick Stevens, Technical Director, SP Group – part of St Ives Group

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