The Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (SAT) module for Globalscape EFT Server is designed for organisations that need to exchange files quickly and simply, without the problems associated with having to manually create temporary FTP accounts, the size limitations and security issues of regular email, or the time delays and high costs of overnight and physical shipments.

The SAT Module allows any user within an enterprise to send and receive files, to and from recipients outside the organisation with secure authentication, non-repudiation and auditing capabilities.

The process is two-directional therefore recipients can securely return files back to the sender, if the sender grants them permission. Auditing and receipt notifications provide non-repudiation of receipt for data that has been sent and/or received. This receipt is critical where financial or healthcare or other sensitive time critical transactions must be verifiably completed.

Key Benefits

  • Send files too large for e-mail attachments.
  • Pick-up files sent back to your organisation.
  • Users or administrators don’t need to setup temporary FTP accounts.
  • Transparently ensures files are sent securely.
  • Provides auditing compliance and non-repudiation of receipt.


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