HTTPS Module

Do you need to provide your employees, customers and partners with an easy a secure way to send files? The HTTPS module adds the HTTPS protocol to EFT Server, enabling you to support browser-based transfers without having to install a web server.  You can set up a secure connection to anyone in minutes – all they need is a web browser.

Providing trading partners, suppliers, and clients with a secure way to send files to you can be difficult, especially if they discover they have to install extra software just to be able to work with your system. A quick solution to this problem is to let your users transfer with something they already have: a web browser.


HTTPS is used to access secure Web servers when authentication and encrypted communication is desired. Using HTTPS instead of HTTP directs the message to a secure port number rather than the default Web port number of 80. The session is then managed by a security protocol. HTTPS encrypts the session data using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which ensures protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Transferring Files with a Browser

When EFT Server is setup to allow HTTP file transfers, any HTTP client will be able to PUT (upload) or GET (download) files to the server provided the client supports both of these HTTP commands. However, most Web browsers only support the GET command.

EFT Server overcomes this deficiency with a built-in upload form that automatically displays in the browser when the user is in a folder to which they have permission to upload files. To upload a file, users browse for the file on their PC and click the upload button. The file is placed in the folder they are currently browsing.

Offering HTTPS support from your file server takes advantage of the ease of use and wide installation base that web browsers already provide. EFT Server’s HTTPS support enables cost-effective security for file exchange that’s easy for your trading partners to use.

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