Advanced Workflow Engine Module

So many business-critical processes are reliant upon file transfer, security is only the first of many IT concerns. When information consumers in your organisation rely on manual and intermittent batch processes to deliver the data they need, day-to-day productivity becomes dangerously vulnerable to manpower limitations, vacations, turn-over, and simple human error.

Automate & Optimise Business Processes

The Advanced Workflow Engine module (AWE) enables system architects to streamline business and IT processes, without the limitations of legacy systems and applications. AWE greatly extends the capabilities of EFT Server with event-driven, real-time processing of over 200 automated actions. The module automatically handles routine daily tasks, so system architects can focus their attention on business needs, rather than today’s task list.

  • Reduce time spent on monitoring operations and repetitive manual processes.
  • Accelerate the flow of business-critical data.
  • Reduce human errors and delays.

Create Sophisticated Workflows with Ease

With AWE’s intuitive workflow programming interface, application development requires less time and less training. Administrators can easily create sophisticated automation and integration workflows without the need for code, scripting, or complicated batch files.

  • Over 200 built-in actions.
  • Easily drag-and-drop or fill-in-the-blank to customise commands.
  • Sequence actions with logical statements and execution order.


Sophisticated Workflow Decision-Making

AWE provides tools for conditional branching and decision-making within workflows. Common decision variables include the existence or nonexistence of a file, size or date of a file, whether a process is running or not, etc.

Rule-Based File Automation

Working in conjunction with EFT Server, AWE offers tools for applying rules and executing processes on files. Capabilities include: copying, moving, deleting, compressing, decompressing, encrypting, decrypting, folder synchronisation and backup, and much more.

Extracting Data from Files

AWE contains tools that facilitate file reading, text manipulation, XML parsing, and Microsoft Excel integration.

Database Integration

AWE can connect with SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, or any ODBC-compliant database to access or update critical information.

Orchestrated Processing of Third-party Applications

AWE enables unattended processing of third party applications, custom programs, and batch files.

Error-Handling and Notification

AWE offers extensive error-handling features, which enable administrators to proactively respond to potential problems.

Other Useful Tools

AWE includes tools for integrating file-based processes with Active Directory, SharePoint Server, non-Windows systems (via telnet or terminal emulation), web services, and much more.

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