Diplomat Managed File Transfer

Diplomat Managed File Transfer automates, integrates and controls both internal and external secure file transfer, using Intelligent File Transfer design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so file transfer professionals can quickly design and deploy file transfer jobs with fewer errors and failed transfers.



Automate secure FTP and PGP encryption in one application


Diplomat MFT Basic Edition automates Secure FTP and OpenPGP encryption/decryption in a single job to securely send or receive files from trading partners. Create automated jobs that PGP-encrypt files and send them to FTP, FTPS or SFTP servers without any programming expertise or special skills.

  • Set up, test and schedule file transfer jobs with an intuitive point-and-click user interface
  • No programming or special skills required
  • Transfer files between any combination of local network, FTP, FTPS and SFTP sites
  • Run ad hoc transfer jobs with immediate on-screen job status
  • Create, import and export PGP keys and key rings
  • Use OpenPGP to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files


Integrate secure file transfers into business processes


Diplomat MFT Standard Edition provides a more secure and integrated file transfer solution, using expanded transport types (like HTTP, HTTPS and email) to deliver automated job status reports to both business and IT support users and integrate file transfer jobs with existing applications and processes.

Offers all the features of Basic Edition plus:

  • Send job status email included detailed error messages
  • Transfer files using email, HTTP and HTTPS
  • Initiate Diplomat file transfer jobs via command line using batch scripts and third-party schedulers
  • Backup, merge and restore file transfer job set-up data
  • Create audit trail job history reports
  • Archive files to primary and additional locations
  • Administer login credentials for single or two-factor authentication
  • Track user activity on screen and in log files


Manage, audit and monitor secure file transfers from a single point of control


Diplomat MFT Enterprise Edition reducing the time needed to design, deploy and monitor highly-secure file transfer jobs in complex file transfer environments. All job and user activity is captured in full audit trails to easily demonstrate compliance with security mandates such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI.

Offers all the features of Standard Edition plus:

  • Monitor scheduled and live file transfer jobs using Diplomat MFT Job Monitor
  • Transfer files using Diplomat Cloud Connector with built-in PGP authentication and encryption
  • Enable checkpoint restart
  • Execute specified programs before or after a file transfer job
  • Save source, destination and PGP Key settings for use in multiple file transfer jobs
  • Select source files by date, sequence number and other wildcards
  • Easily merge new file transfer jobs from test into production
  • Temporarily suspend or restart scheduling for a file transfer job or group
  • Access Diplomat MFT components without installing locally
  • Capture job history and user activity data in a SQL audit database for compliance and custom reporting





Diplomat Managed File Transfer products are installed on your internal network behind a firewall and interoperate with secure FTP servers, HTTP/S servers, mail servers, Diplomat Cloud Connector and other systems both inside and outside of the firewall.

Diplomat components communicate with the Diplomat MFT Service to set-up, manage, initiate and monitor secure file transfer jobs.

  • Diplomat MFT Service

    Engine that executes Diplomat MFT jobs and communicates with the other Diplomat MFT components.

  • Diplomat MFT Client (Standard and Enterprise Editions)

    Enables creation and modification of file transfer job and configuration settings (e.g,PGP keys, secure FTP logins and job schedules), which are used to schedule and run secure file transfer jobs.

  • Diplomat MFT Scripting Agent (Standard and Enterprise Editions)

    Lets you by-pass Diplomat’s built-in scheduler and use another application to initiate file transfer jobs.

  • Diplomat MFT Job Monitor (Enterprise Edition Only)

    Allows you to view the current scheduling status and job history of all Diplomat file transfer jobs. Can be accessed from the Diplomat MFT Client or run as a standalone application.

  • Diplomat Cloud Connector (Enterprise Edition Only)

    Standalone application that runs at a trading partner or internal location, which allows a Diplomat MFT site to connect and send/receive files. Connections to Diplomat Cloud Connector are authenticated using OpenPGP keys and data files can optionally be OpenPGP-protected.

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