Coviant Software

Founded in 2004, in Massachusetts, USA, Coviant Software delivers Managed File Transfer software that integrates smoothly with business processes, to ease automation and control of secure file transfer processes, reducing business risk.

Diplomat Managed File Transfer software is built on industry standards, such as OpenPGP, secure FTP (SFTP and FTPS), SMTP and SQL, to slip effortlessly any businesses IT infrastructure. Also when technical problems arise with secure file transfers, Diplomat Managed File Transfer software provides administrators the tools needed to resolve them quickly before they become an issue to the business.

Diplomat MFT LogoDiplomat Managed File Transfer
Diplomat Managed File Transfer automates, integrates and controls both internal and external secure file transfer. The software uses Intelligent File Transfer design with embedded secure file transfer logic, so file transfer experts can quickly design and deploy file transfer jobs with fewer errors and failed transfers.

For more information regarding Coviant Software please get in touch with the Pro2col team on 0333 123 1240.

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