Cleo VLTrader

The MFT Solution for All Your Connections

Many companies today have a number of B2B and A2A file transfer processes they’re maintaining. Systems have been piecemealed together, resulting in different user interfaces and cumbersome maintenance that can cost a company both time and money. Companies want to grow their business, but painfully understand how time consuming and complicated it can be to adjust to trading partner connectivity modifications or new trading partners.

Cleo VLTrader offers you secure file transfer along with a product that is quick to install and simple to use. With Cleo VLTrader, you can consolidate and streamline all of your company’s file transfer processes and grow your connections and business easily.

Cleo VLTrader FTP Consolidation



  • Quick and easy installation
  • Wide array of supported, secure communication protocols
  • Easy set up and maintenance of trading partners
  • Scalable – 6-60,000 connections
  • Highly available and reliable
  • Secure
  • Fast diagnosis of communication problems
  • Full-featured certificate management
  • Schedule transmissions to remove bottlenecks and simplify workflows

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