Cleo Trust

With the Cleo Trust solution, sending large files via email is always secure and reliable, enhancing your current email solution to meet the needs of your entire organisation.

Cleo Trust stores the email, both body and any attachments, and notifies the recipient that they have received a message from the sender that requires a secure download. The recipient can respond to the sender or download the file. The sender receives a notification when the file is delivered.

Cleo Trust enables your users to securely communicate with customers, prospects, business partners, and remote employees outside your company firewall — without having to worry about encryption, file size, or receipt confirmation. Cleo Trust handles it all with ease.


  • Universale application that can send to ay email address
  • Eliminates security gaps
  • Tracks all files that are received or sent from your organisation
  • Easy to use – for both internal and external users
  • Easy to administer and integrate with Microsoft Exchange
  • Scalable to meet future growth

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