Biscom Secure File Transfer

Sending confidential information, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive data through unsecure channels could result in identity theft, and loss of intellectual property, leading to fines, lawsuits, and other challenges.

Biscom Secure File Transfer helps companies proactively avoid these problems, by providing simple and intuitive tools that secure the transfer of sensitive data both into and out of the business, while maintaining a complete transaction and audit trail.

Benefits include:

  • Secure File Transfer and delivery capabilities
  • Powerful set of tracking and reporting tools
  • As easy as sending an email from a web browser
  • The foundation of a data breach prevention and regulatory compliance program


Protecting files and data with encryption, secure and managed file transfer.


  • SFT for iPad – Enables users to receive, view and send files through Biscom SFT while on the go.
  • Secure Workspace – A single place to collaborate on projects by sharing files, creating discussions and tracking activity.
  • Outlook Integration – Seamlessly integrates with Outlook, solving email attachment issues with practically no change to user behaviour.
  • Web Client – An intuitive web browser interface enables global addressbook access, drag-and-drop functionality and checkpoint restart.
  • Automated File Transfer – Delivery methods include AutoPost, AutoFetch and Scheduling
  • VMware File Transfer – Will work and grow in your virtualised infrastructure
  • Sharepoint Integration – Extends sharepoint deployment to external users, securing and tracking files sent outside of the business.
  • API’s & SDK’s – Comprehensive API’s and Software Development Kit available.
  • iManage Worksite Integration – Eliminates duplication of Worksite files in temporary locations and streamlines the exchange of large files, while maintaining a complete transaction and audit trail.

How it Works…

1. A sender selects files, documents, and other electronic media to deliver.

2. The sender enters the email addresses of the recipients of the package of files, and optionally enters a secure message.

3. Biscom Secure File Transfer encrypts the files and logs the delivery transaction.

4. Recipients are notified through an email message with an embedded URL.

5. Recipients signs in to the Biscom Delivery Server Web application.

6. Recipients can view the secure message and download files and the sender receives an email notification that the delivery has been viewed.

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