File Transfer Solutions

For businesses, file transfer isn’t always as straightforward as getting data from point A to point B. There are a whole host of additional factors to take into consideration from the fundamental process (moving files between systems or manual person to person) to industry specific issues such as security and compliance mandates.  With the wide range of file transfer solutions available in the marketplace, finding the right solution for your business can be challenging.

This is where we come in.  At Pro2col, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you identify your key requirements and find a solution that will resolve your file transfer issues, improve business productivity and increase profitability. Although we address a wide range of file transfer issues, typically the file transfer solutions we provide fall into one or more of the following core categories:


Ad Hoc File Transfer
Often referred to as person to person file transfer, secure ad hoc file transfer solutions enable non-technical employees to securely exchange sensitive documents via a simple interface or email plugin. Typically introduced to combat the use of unsolicited and insecure file transfer methods, these solutions also remove the burden that large attachments place on email servers.
Automated File Transfer
The elaborate network of systems and solutions that drive organisations are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to implement, integrate and manage. Workflow automation plays a pivotal role in unifying these independent systems and streamlining the flow of data throughout the business, freeing staff from time intensive manual tasks and IT maintenance.
Dropbox Alternative
Increasingly we’re finding that businesses are contacting us, specifically looking for a ‘Dropbox alternative’ solution to enable secure file sharing both inside and out of the organisation. Employees adoption of consumer level services within the enterprise is on the rise as file sizes grow, pressure to get the job done quickly intensifies and internal data sharing software and policies fail to keep up with this growing trend.
Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS)
Enterprise File Sync and share solutions enable users to sync files on all devices and share files with colleagues and partners, both simply and securely.
FTP Auditing
Management tools for FTP Servers, to secure, protect, monitor and track all FTP activities, moving data in and out of the corporate network, whilst providing IT with peace-of-mind and endusers with flexibility and familiarity.
FTP High Availability
Setting up a highly available FTP Service can be achieved in a number of different ways, depending on the solution and how it answers these questions; How do you ensure that configurations are synchronised, what about the data, is one server the primary or are they all active and what impact does that have?
Cloud FTP
Businesses worldwide now rely on hosted FTP services for their mission critical file transfer. These hosted services offer companies an affordable way of securely transferring large files and sharing confidential information with customers and partners without the long term investment and capital upfront expense.
Managed File Transfer
Managed file transfer is a term used to describe comprehensive hardware and software solutions that not only facilitate the movement of large files both inside and outside of the business, but maintain the security and integrity of sensitive data. In addition to its secure file transfer and compliance attributes, a managed file transfer solution should offer a comprehensive feature set that enables businesses to centrally administer, control and audit the file transfer process in its entirety.
Mobile File Transfer
Organisations can extend their secure file sharing and transfer capabilities to BYOD and mobile users with mobile file transfer solutions and clients, whilst ensuring company IT is adhering to visibility, governance and security policies.
Secure File Transfer
In today’s business environments the protection of sensitive information is of paramount importance. With the fundamental security flaws associated with traditional FTP solutions accompanied by the heightening of data security regulations and powers of enforcement, the need for secure file transfer solutions has never been greater.
Secure FTP Server
Originally not built with security in mind, many of the FTP software solutions available in today’s marketplace are secured with SSL/TLS (FTPS) or SSH (SFTP). These solutions are ideal from small to medium size businesses with basic file transfer requirements.
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