TLS File Transfer

TLS file transfer (Transport Layer Security) uses a cryptographic protocol used to secure communications over networks such as the Internet.  TSL is a more recently developed secure file transfer protocol compared to SSL (Secure Socket Layers) but works upon the same principles as SSL.

The TLS file transfer protocol is made up of two layers.  The first, the TLS record protocol encrypts segments of the network connections at the Transport Layer of the Internet Protocol Suite, ensuring any data sent over this connection remains secure.

The second is referred to as the TLS handshake and uses 2 cryptographic keys – a public key that encrypts a data file before it is sent and a private key only known to the server receiving the message, which decrypts a data file, enabling it to be read.

If you refer to the TCP/IP model, the TLS protocol runs somewhere in between the Transport layer and the Application layer and it run independently of any other transport protocols such as FTP or HTTP.

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