SSL File Transfer

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a cryptographic protocol used when sending files over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) networks, for example the Internet.  SSL file transfer works by using two keys, a public key that encrypts the data file before it is sent and a private key only known to the server receiving the message, which decrypts the data file, enabling it to be read. These keys are obtained once an SSL certificate has been purchased for the applicable web server, to authenticate and establish an SSL connection between a browser and a web server.  This secure connection or encryption system ensures that all data transmitted between the browser and the web server remains private and integral.  Even if a third party did obtain the data file, they would not be able to read the information contained within it.

The SSL protocol is independent of the file transfer protocol used to transfer files; therefore it can be used in conjunction with HTTP, FTP, POP and more.  It is the standard protocol used when purchasing items online from an ecommerce site and can be identified when in use by observing the web server URL.  The URL of a standard web server will start with http://, the URL of a secure web server will start with https://.

Please visit the Secure File Transfer section of the Pro2col website for information regarding secure file transfer solutions, designed using SSL.

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