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JSCAPE MFT Server Professional

JScape MFT Server Professional provides a highly secure method for exchanging data both internally and between trading partners that meets PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA compliance requirements.  It simplifies file transfers by unifying all services and processes into a single platform independent solution.

  • Gain control of users and system resources.
  • Automate file transfers between trading partners and respond to server side events.
  • Provide a secure web-based file transfer gateway to clients without installing any software.

Summary of Features

  • Platform independent solution with installers for Windows, Linux, Solaris, UNIX and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • Support for all popular file transfer protocols including FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), SFTP (FTP over SSH), HTTP & HTTPS.
  • Brandable and easy to use web based client interface for transferring and managing files.
  • Support for multiple domains each with their own unique file transfer services and configurations (Maximum of 5).
  • Multi-lingual web user interface with built in language packs for English, Spanish, French, German and Russian.
  • JSCAPE Web Document Viewer (commercial add-on component) simplifies content distribution by embedding a document viewer in the JSCAPE MFT Server web interface. With support for over 200 document formats, users can view documents on the server without having to download or have supporting software installed.
  • Authentication modules for integrating with existing LDAP, Active Directory, NTLM, PAM and database user repositories.
    Triggers module for use in automating business processes such as file transfers with trading partners and responding to server events.
  • Jailed user accounts and virtual file system keep your users data separate.
  • In the event of a failed file transfer, checkpoint and restart support allows you to restart the transfer from the last byte of data successfully transferred versus re-transferring the entire file.
  • Several security features designed to meet PCI DSS, HIPPA, SOX and GLBA compliance requirements.
  • Support for high availability and load balancing environments.
  • Integrated key management tools for OpenPGP, SSH and SSL standards.
  • Directory monitors with ability to detect when directories have been modified.
  • Java based API for managing the server, users and configuration settings.
  • Checksum verification is a post file transfer process that verifies the integrity of files transferred.  This is accomplished by comparing checksums of the file on both the sender and receiver sides ensuring that files are transferred correctly.
  • Using the database logging features you can ensure that all server activity is safely stored in a remote database.

If you would like to find out more about JScape MFT Server including pricing information, please contact Pro2col.

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