Webinar – Understanding IT Integration TCO

Most companies today have implemented integration technologies to solve specific integration problems over time. Some are consolidating those solution sets onto single more capable and scalable platforms to meet the broader A2A and B2B integration needs of their companies.

But wait! – There are serious hidden costs to some of those solutions.

Attend this webinar to;

  • learn about those hidden costs
  • Learn the important questions to ask when evaluating those solutions to avoid being caught by unpleasant surprises.

Event Type: Live Webinar

Event Dates: April 10th, 1600Hrs


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Webinar Presenters:


Ben Huang
IT Integration Expert and Consultant
As a subject matter expert and former IT industry analyst, Ben has over 20 years of hands on experience spanning numerous industries. He is a well-respected indepedent advisor and consultant focusing on technology integration innovation and overall business process improvement.

Joe Dupree
Vice President of Marketing, Cleo
As leader of Cleo marketing, Joe has more than 20 years of software industry experience in roles that span product marketing, product management and software engineering.

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