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A Look Back At 2014 & Our Predictions For 2015

Last year saw a year of stability in the Managed File Transfer industry.…

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What is File Transfer?

When with friends I regularly get asked what my company does, when I reply ‘we specialise in file transfer technologies for businesses’ I usually get a rather blank expression, followed by the question; what is file transfer?…

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Ipswitch Survey Reveals; Damage to Reputation Seen as Biggest Reason to Comply with Data Protection Laws.

Despite 71% believing UK data protection laws should be stronger, 53% still admit to sending sensitive documents by email and 19% have lost critical documents in transit.…

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Criteria to consider when choosing the right Managed File Transfer product

Why is it important to have some understanding of the product lifecycle when selecting a MFT solution? …

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Five File Transfer Pain Points

In a normal day, companies and individuals must transfer files containing many different types of sensitive and mission-critical information across systems, businesses and departments – everything from legal documents to X-rays to credit card statements.…

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Most UK firms lack data transfer visibility, Ipswitch study shows

In a recent article from Computer, Rich Kennelly, president of Ipswitch’s File Transfer division discussed the key findings of a recent study relating to the visibility of data movement in UK businesses.

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